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No installations required

All operations can be controlled from your web browser.

Start downloading your torrents directly from this web page without having to download and install any application into your computer or mobile device.

No windows left opened required

Using torrent clients requires to be kept opened until the download is completed, unless they offered the option to minize to system tray. However when you are downloading your torrents with us, you can close this window while the server is retrieving the remote files.

But don't forget to come back! You'll need to open this window again to start downloading the files to your local device.

If you are not a registered user, we will keep the downloaded files in our side for 24 hours from the end of the download in our side.

Anonymous downloads

No registrations are required to start to download your torrents.

Our system identifies this browser session to locate your files in our torrent client.

We don't track user behaviors to sell the information to any 3rd parties at all.

No Credit Card required!

Our service helps to download BitTorrent and magnet to all these people who can't install a BitTorrent client in their side. We charge the service of yielding our server to download fron BitTorrent network and transfer it to your local device only. We don't charge for the content, but for the amount of transferred information.

Get free the first 1 GBas in base 10, then get the next 100 MBas in base 10 at USD0.01 rate.

We are providing you a payment gateway which, besides allowing you to pay with credit card, will allow you to pay with cryptocurriencies.

Got no credit card or cryptocoins? No problem! We are also providing a web miner which you can use in this or in other computers to earn the necessary credits. (Coming soon!)

Secure downloads

Our servers have antivirus installed which may desinfect or delete any remote file with virus, protecting you in a first line against malware. However, remember always to make sure the torrent and magnets you are downloading are malware free, update your own antivirus and system software, and scan all downloads.

Copyright infringements

Please don't use this tool to download any content which is copyright protected.

If you did find out any copyright protected content is being downloaded using our tool, please contact us and we will stop the download and delete the content as soon as possible. Please also notice the system is not keeping the remote downloaded files forever, so if an investigation due copyright infrigement is required, we may not find the files longer existing in our machines.

We may also ban the user who is downloading this content with us to prevent new infringements.

Please find in here further information about copyright infringements.


Leasing of our BitTorrent client

Transaction fees (Tx. Fee) are required by the payment gateway provider. The amount depends on the choosen currency. Popular cryptocurrencies usually require higher fees.

Our payment gateway provider, CoinPayments, requires an email to notify you if you underpay or need a refund.

They will not add it to their mailing list or spam you or anything like that.

Please note: once you have clicked the 'Pay Now!' button, a window to our payment gateway provider should appear. If it didn't happen, please make sure your web browser is not blocking pop-ups. Your web browser should notify you if a pop-up was blocked.

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